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The Year When All Became Germaphobic By Claudia Luna 🌹

Like in a zombie apocalypses movie, we wake up one day to a different world.

Suddenly Disney Magic Kingdom closed its gates to the magic, the Chinese wall wasn’t strong enough to hold back the angry virus

Paris lights was overshadowed for the hospitals ER’s fluorescent tubes trying to save lives.

New York finally went to sleep and no road wanted to lead to Rome.

A virus was crowned as the owner of the world and we realized our fragility, our incompetence, our fears ... and we started thinking in the things that really matters.

As days went by, the streets started to look like a Steven Spielberg movie, the frighten quasi zombies showing only their eyes, covered with masks and anxious, run desperately to the market to assure their survival while the shortage of products showed us the selfishness of people and the dependency of a broken system.

As the Pandemic crisis worsened, the world started to gossip ...

Social media posts, virtual chats gave birth to another kind of virus, the ones that fuels anger and perpetuate suffering, human’s ignorance.

Conspiracy theories, spreading online as rapidly as the corona, and many even stoped drinking the Mexican beer.

Some of those theories were so easy to debunk, that really scares me to think we didn’t learn much after years of science, philosophy and pseudo evolution.

Some blamed China, and their eager to eat anything that moves, from heaven or hell,

dead, alive or in between.

Others blame their president, as usual feed by the opositor party, always creating chaos, instead of unity.

A few throw the guilt to millionaire, corporations or politicians with their constant ability to mess up countries, economies and lives.

And the virus kept growing

Absent to the table of charlatans, ambitious or suicidal.

The virus didn’t care.

The loneliness of the elderly waiting the so longed for visit every Sunday, suddenly banned

The children isolate at their homes, listening their parents complains and sorrows, transmitting them their fear, way more dangerous than any disease.

Feeding them with death disguised in carbs and sugar to confort the body with everything the mind doesn’t seam to grasp

Afraid of getting closer, repelling hugs and kisses, once treasured, and now dangerous weapons for a humanity that lost every sense of logic and conexión to the source.

And the statistics ...

The cold billboard showing death ...

Showing numbers ... Overlooking the fact that we are not numbers... Nor statistics or casualties. We are people.

We became a virus’s target, one more hospital bed ...

Environmentalists, the green wave say we are the reason for this to happen,

The animals were free, walking on the streets, taking over the land that we have taken from them with every tree we cut down.

And I can see some true in that ...

The universe was coughing long before we began to do so.

We have created this reality. We manifested this virus, as a scream for help, to stop and change. To renew, rebuild, reinvent us, as a new human race, or perish

Because we lost ourselves, we lost our innocence, we lost faith.

But the world insisted to stay unconscious

And we lost so many rights. We gave them up so easily while forgetting that life is a risk by itself, dishonoring our heroes, becoming sheep on a planet that decided that God does not exist, that want God, talk about God, playing the “Game of loving God” manifesting against lockdown restrictions on church attendance.

They say they want the Kingdom, but they don't want God in it.

So much hypocrisy that makes my stomach ache.

We make God possible only when we become love.

People wearing proudly masks, and even choosing the design, not only to protect from a virus but also to cover our vulnerability and shame.

We washed our hand as Pontius Pilate with the arrogance of those who are safe in their homes and continuo their lives not taking part or responsibility dismissing the fact that each death causes a ripple effect, but also ... each act.

We are the owners of our lives.

We can produce a thousand joys or a thousand evils ... Our life depends on our degree of consciousness.

Our circumstances are only a mirror of our deepest desires and our most intense fears.

We are the owners of this world

It’s God’s creation for us. We are co-creators

God created us, but we didn’t create God, therefore we need to surrender to the higher authority

And start listening.

To listen to the sounds of Nature ... our life support system, so she help us balance ourselves and hold in balance the Earth, the sea and the space environments.

Praying to Mother Earth so she help us to open our hearts, knowing the Universe will feed us.

We lost that connexion, we are lost in time and space.

We need to surrender to God with absolutely faith, hurling into the abyss knowing God will take care of us. But that requires a higher level of awareness, performance and purity

We need to open our eyes and keep them wide open. We need to change our perception and see things with through the eyes of the soul, through the eyes of the source, through the eyes of expansion, gratitude, acceptance, detachment and compassion.

Through the eyes of Love.

We must wake up.

Claudia Luna 🌹

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