The Year When All Became Germaphobic By Claudia Luna 🌹

Like in a zombie apocalypses movie, we wake up one day to a different world.

Suddenly Disney Magic Kingdom closed its gates to the magic, the Chinese wall wasn’t strong enough to hold back the angry virus

Paris lights was overshadowed for the hospitals ER’s fluorescent tubes trying to save lives.

New York finally went to sleep and no road wanted to lead to Rome.

A virus was crowned as the owner of the world and we realized our fragility, our incompetence, our fears ... and we started thinking in the things that really matters.

As days went by, the streets started to look like a Steven Spielberg movie, the frighten quasi zombies showing only their eyes, covered with masks and anxious, run desperately to the market to assure their survival while the shortage of products showed us the selfishness of people and the dependency of a broken system.

As the Pandemic crisis worsened, the world started to gossip ...

Social media posts, virtual chats gave birth to another kind of virus, the ones that fuels anger and perpetuate suffering, human’s ignorance. </