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We are People... By Claudia Luna 🌹

We are people

No numbers

No statistics

No casualties

We are human beings with a family waiting for us at home ... with dreams, with things to do before we die, with wishes, with ideas, with hope.

We are people

We are not a virus’s target

We are not a bill to pay

We are not one more hospital bed

We are flowers and lions, we are mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, We Are.

We are not guilty of living the way we did or we do, we are just doing the best we can accordingly to the degree of consciousness we have. We don’t deserve this. No we don’t.

We are angels and innocent sinners, playing, just learning to live and to love.

We are people

We are children, we are artists, we deserve one more chance, and another, and another, and one more after that.

We are not a digit

We aren’t a stock

We are not a dot on a financial sheet

We are not disposable to be easily thrown inside a black plastic bag

We are a body with curves and sensations, with scars of stories, wars and adventures.

We are people

We are beauty, we are stars, we are good days and bad attitudes, passion and flows, tears and laughter... and so much more.

We don’t deserve to suffer, we don’t deserve this... to lose oxygen until we suffocate and die

We need kisses, and hugs, and to hold a loving hand before we pass.

We are people

We are not numbers

And this is a tragedy, a sad experience, a massacre, a mistake

But even though, we are dying, we are invincible, we are magic, no dust.

Why is this happening ..?

All are teachers, all are lessons

What is it that we have to learn ..?

And if we don’t see it this way, every person that have died yesterday, the day before and now, dying now while I am writing this lyrics ... have died, will die in vain, because we didn’t get it, we haven’t learned.

Learn, pray, honor, respect, be grateful, be loving, serve, forgive and give

We are people praying this will be over soon

We are people.

Claudia Luna 🌹

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